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Friday, May 23, 2008

Get A Haricut And Get A Real Job

So, about those goofy-ass polygs down Texas way.

Forget for now that they're a self-contained and isolated community consisting of dirty old men and insecure women. Forget their doctrine supports prearranged marriages to barely pubescent girls. Forget that they of course, have more than one wife. Forget that they thrive on another version of Stockholm Syndrome, never allowing their offspring any other life than what the 'elders' arrange for them.

Forget all that, and take a look at their fucking hairdos!

Good gawd-a-mighty. Not only do they get their clothes and material from the same bolt of cloth and the same pattern (yes, they'll make their own dresses), they obviously all have the same barber. And on top of that [pun?], their barber is either Elvis crazy or maybe an astute fan of Johnny Bravo. Maybe both?

Take a look at this shit:



Freddie said...

Well now that you mention it... They DO look like Elvis/Johnny!

curmudgeon said...

The resemblance is startling.