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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Towel Heads cont.....

Well, Jimmy-san took me to task with my "Goddamn Towelheads" post. While he agreed with me that some of the things I wrote about were wrong, he implied I was a racist for grouping these people under the 'towel-head' umbrella.
Maybe categorizing people by where they live or were born by the clothing they wear is somewhat racist, but identifying them by the blanket wrapped around their thick skulls is the quickest and most efficient way I have of identifying them by what they are and what they do. Most everyone in the world can readily identify these backward psychopaths from a picture, simply by noticing their garments. Just as if I was wearing a trucker cap with a big number 3 on it I would be categorized as a redneck, or an oversized fuzzy hat alongside a gate I would be categorized as a palace guard.

So now he tells me:
"You can't just force a whole nation into the 21st century. Jesus christ, man, you're a bully."
I'm a bully. Am I the one who beats his wife on a regular basis? With a stick? What 'men' these are. Do I send around the professional rapists to fuck someone's daughter because another member of her family has shamed the family? Yeah, these are the wise old elders. I'm the bully?
People no longer 'own' other people. Or at least they shouldn't. It is wrong. And that is exactly what the 'elders' of these idiot countries do.

No, I can't force a whole nation into the 21st century. But I can at least point out how stupid these people are that haven't gotten past the 1st.
I will pass on articles and spread the word a little and attention to them so more people can see what these idiots are doing. The only way these people will enter into the 21st century is eliminating their backward moronic ways. And if we have to 'conquer' the sick bastards to give their women and children a life, then so be it.
"Hypothetical situation: Let's say a friend of yours can't drive, but he has a disorder that forces him to do things at random. You and all your other friends are more than capable drivers. The friend who has the disorder steals one of your cars and crashes, but only as he tries to leave the road. He is very badly hurt.

What do you do? Help him?

Or do you use OUTDATED, UNACCEPTABLE derogatory terms, then call him backward and stupid for having strange ways."
I'm confused as to exactly what you are saying here, since there seems to be several trains of thought going on, but if I understand correctly I would probably kick my own ass for allowing someone who shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car have access to mine. I must have left the keys where they could get to them.
But, if they were badly hurt, I would send him to the hospital, then to jail. If they weren't badly hurt, I would just send them to jail. Then I would call them a stupid fuck.

So you're saying these people have a disorder? A fucking disorder? A disorder is an ailment. An illness. And what they do isn't 'at random'. It's cold, calculated cruelty.
These crazy bastards grew up taught to do what they do. They are taught this is the correct way to do things and that any other way is unacceptable. A disorder?
A child growing up in an abusive household may not know they are being abused until years after the abuse has stopped. That's what they know. That's what they grew up with. It isn't a disorder, it's a learned behavior. Is this acceptable in your sheltered over-governed world?
An Iraqi child growing up in a household where they are taught that the man of the house is supposed to beat them on a regular basis isn't a disorder. It's goddamn abuse. Using a cane on someone because they have a difference of opinion isn't a disorder, it's abuse.
Being a paid rapist is a disorder? What do you think would happen to someone in the free world if they got caught doing this shit? If they were lucky, they would get sent to prison. If they were unlucky, they would get shot. Hopefully, after having been dragged behind a moving vehicle for a mile or two.
"Your ways seem very strange to me. I'm a young man bought up to know in modern day society you do not say those sorts of things."
I'm a man brought up to know in modern day society what sort of things are acceptable and which aren't. Me referring to some crazy bastards as towelheads is probably the worst most damaging thing I'll do all day, or probably all week.
I'll take someone calling me a cracker, or a hypocrit, or a fuckhead, or whatever you want to come up with. A bunch of words from a witless ass don't get under my skin.
Destroying families, lives, and futures - I personally believe - is slightly worse than a little name calling.
"You're just a hypocrit. Seriously. I won't even reply to what is going to be some smarmy, arrogant response to this comment. Because at your age... and let's face it, you should know better... you're quite obviously a lost cause.

People like me all over the world are the future. We're not bullies, and we help who we can.

All the best."
You're right. At my age, I know better. I am lost to the way of thinking that the world is one big happy family. It's all flowers and sunshine and hugs and kisses and people don't kill people and share and share alike and smoke some more weed and sit in a circle and sing 'kumba-ya' and all of our problems will just magically go away and why can't we all just get along and have another hit and I want another brownie and pass the chips.....

I know better than to listen to some punk-assed idealistic school aged twit who thinks they know more about the world today than someone who has lived it for as long as I have. And I haven't lived in it for all that long yet.

The part that cracks me up most is the part where you say "People like me all over the world are the future."
I've known a whole wagonload of people like you. And if that's the future, then Allah help us all. I hope you grow up a little before the future gets here.

That's my "smarmy, arrogant response" of which you said you weren't even going to reply to. Now go crawl back in your arrogant, lofty shell and pray for the rest of us old untrainable farts.


Jimmy-san said...

I'll be honest and start off by admitting (and I think we both know this) that A) I was pretty obviously going to come back and check for a response, and B) That I am young, sure, but there's a few things I wanted to straighten out.

Firstly my view on the first part, about "grouping these people under the 'towel-head' umbrella". I see a personal side in this because I've grown up at school with a few turban wearers. Not all of them were the smartest people around, but a couple of them were, and they were just as normal as the rest of us. It just seems terribly old-fashioned and an indecent thing to say. I know for a fact those people would be offended, so that's my stance. Wearing a turban may mark you as from a particular religion or area of the world but it doesn't mark your traits, at least not all the time.

Next section, about the bullying. You seem to be focused here on removing any blame off yourself and onto the people detailed in the articles. Not all over the middle-east are the people themselves all like this, and again, not all of them support this sort of behaviour. Yeah, it's wide-spread, of course. But there's a nature-nurture thing we could go into here that's... just way, way too huge. You're right - it's wrong to 'own' other people. It's too bad that we live in societies (both of us) where we are ruled, and our voices do not really make all the much difference if any.

I think there's a big difference between the countrymen and the rulers of any nation. Half of America will say "Bush is a wanker and I am ashamed to have him elected". In fact, with the overall counts, didn't he cheat to win this time? I don't actually know, so I won't go on that, but it was close enough to divide the country at any rate. So almost half of American voters didn't want the current gov't to be in power. Therefore the acts of the president and his cronies does not represent the same ideals, values, and ways of the American nation. I assume (and I know by now that assuming is a dangerous thing to do) this is applicable to places all over the world, including the middle-east.

Then about the disorder thing. I was trying to use an analogy there, guess it just wasn't all that good. I don't think they all have a disorder out there in the middle-east, etc. That'd be pretty silly, I know.

Moving on to... "I am lost to the way of thinking that the world is one big happy family. It's all flowers and sunshine and hugs and kisses and people don't kill people and share and share alike and smoke some more weed and sit in a circle and sing 'kumba-ya' and all of our problems will just magically go away and why can't we all just get along and have another hit and I want another brownie and pass the chips.....". Eek. That's not me at all. I'm pretty left-wing, but I have some right-oriented stances. I really dislike drug use. I try to avoid unhealthy food, too. I'm not ignorant to the fact that humans are very, umm... well. Let's say if all humans in the world who were not communist were killed, thus leaving only communists around. They should get along, right? It should just be a communist world. But they wouldn't, they'd divide into factions. Its been the same since the dawn of time and always will be, but we can at least try for a better world. That's all I'd really like: less fighting. I've seen wars and devastation in my life, too.

"I know better than to listen to some punk-assed idealistic school aged twit who thinks they know more about the world today than someone who has lived it for as long as I have." I know I'm pretty young, and what I said was rash. But I never said I knew more about the world than you. At least give me that.

"Now go crawl back in your arrogant, lofty shell and pray for the rest of us old untrainable farts." I'm not lofty. And I shan't pray, because I'm an atheist.

Also, just to try and defend myself a little, I think you've put me into the middle-class-white-brit-with-a-snotty-nose-and-sheltered-lifestyle-group unfairly. The world is a harsh place. I don't know about your past but imagine losing a close brother at age 15. It only matures you if you learn from it, but the difference between me and other kids in similar situations is that I did learn. Nobody gives two shits. I am also just approaching "manhood" by government terms, so naturally my opinions etc. should be disregarded and picked to pieces because HEY, just another kid, right? Sure.

Say what you will but when I come across a blog for the first time that has unsavoury comments in it, it kinda hit the spot. Because I grew up in a working class area of mixed races and religions maybe I'm a little more sensitive to it.

I'm not entirely sure how to end this so I'll just put a full stop at the end of this sentence and be done.

curmudgeon said...

Of course. I knew you'd be back. It's like a bug bite that keeps itching. You must go back and scratch it.

Anyway, let me see if we can put this banter to rest. Continuing serves no real purpose other than airing opinions. I blog for entertainment, and if I write something someone doesn't like, they have the freedom to let me know. At least in some parts of the world. And I will most likely respond in my own way, which may be with my feathers ruffled or even with my tail between my legs. Whichever I personally feel is appropriate.
And if I write something someone does like, so much the better.
Since it's my blog, it's my opinions and whoever reads it must realize that. I may be wrong, but I've been known to be right a time or two.

So anyway, I have worked with (and supervised) people from the middle east before. And no, not everyone is as stupid as the people I was referring to. Some are. Some still have backward ways. Some of the experiences related to me by people who associate with middle eastern people on a regular basis leave me to shake my head in disbelief and say, "Are you serious? In this day and age?"
These are the idiots I refer to as towel heads and camel fuckers. Mind you, I would not group all middle eastern people into this category. Ther are some fine, intelligent people who come from this region of the world. They try to live their lives, provide for their families, make a living, and be the best people they can be.
Then there are psychotic assholes who learn enough about how to strap on a belt loaded with explosives so they can see how many people they can kill. Yes. All by the age of 12. This makes me want to puke to think that parents would actually teach this sort of shit to their children.

Damn right I'm going to remove any blame from myself. These people are being brought up wrong. Anyone saying anything differently is just as twisted as they are. And trying to nurture a psycho doesn't work. You can't 'love' away this sort of behavior. You first have to stop it, then educate as to the reasons it isn't right. I'm guessing the opressed would rather the punishment be halted while the educating is done, rather than have their punishment continued while the cruel ones are 'led' to enlightenment.

So I will continue to refer to the stereotypical set of people who for whatever reason punishes, maims, kills, rapes, beats, shoots, blows up and flies airplanes into buildings, as towelheads and/or camel fuckers. These animals have no right to be called people.
Middle eastern or otherwise.

By the way, it's been fun! You seem like a very intelligent person with a lot of potential.
I wish you well in life.

p.s.: Bush cheat to win? That's what the liberal media (which seems to be the most common type of media) would have everyone believe.
Truth is, the only reason Kerry got so many votes is because of the group who just wanted 'Anyone but Bush'. And they thought Kerry would be better? Even after they knew his background? How he changed his mind on policies just to get a higher opinion? How he outright lied about his past? This is all documented so I'm not just harping out of spite.

I believe Bush has done as good of job as anyone could. He doesn't act alone, he has The House and Congress which must approve anything he wants to do. All of these people are elected by popular vote, so it isn't like there is a single figurehead running the country.

Jimmy-san said...

Alright. Thanks for going easy on me. ;)

"By the way, it's been fun! You seem like a very intelligent person with a lot of potential.
I wish you well in life. "

And thanks for that too, if it wasn't sarcasm. Sadly I can't tell because hey, the only voice behind the words is the one we make in our heads. If it's all the same I'm going to stick around reading your blog from time-to-time, as I do enjoy some of this stuff. Who the fuck is ewing?

Also on Bush: Yeah, I figured there'd be a lot of voted for Kerry just in spite of Bush. And you're right; can't just blame him, there are a lot of other people in the gorv't besides him. As I'm from the U.K and it didn't really interest me at any rate - that's just a rumour I'd heard - I didn't elaborate on it as it was pretty likely whatever I said would extremely questionable.

It was fun indeed!