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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The End Of Another Era?

So over the weekend Barbara Billingsley (Leave It To Beaver) died, then today I see Tom Bosley (Happy Days) has died. They were the two of the most famous parents I knew from the teevee.

Well, they say things always go in threes. Who's next I wonder? Anyone care to start a dead pool?

Possibilities include parents such as:
Marion Ross (Also Happy Days)
Bill Cosby (Duh)
Brady Bunch



Anonymous said...

Margret Thatcher

curmudgeon said...

Bah. Her I wouldn't care about. She's not someone folks would look to for mom advice.
But the possibilit exists I reckon.

Fred said...

Hmmm. Jean Stapleton maybe? (Is she still alive?)


curmudgeon said...

Dunno if she's still around or not. Another candidate though.
Also, we can't forget about Andy Griffith!