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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

This I Am Glad To See

This Trayvon Martin bullshit has gotten so fucking stupid I'm about ready to puke.
But I'm glad to see the truth is coming out after all the idiocy from the dumb shit news people, the usual big mouthed assholes like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Spike Lee. With mouths that big they don't have any trouble fitting both feet in at the same time.

Yeah, you all were judgmental assholes, flying off the handle and assuming whitey had dun shot that boy just because he was black and wearing a hoodie.
The news folks went so far as to splice tape to make the 911 recording sound like George Zimmerman, the shooter, was some racist asshole who shot the kid just because he looked guilty. These idiots made it sound like Zimmerman had nothing better to do but cruise the neighborhood with his gun hanging out the window of his car, eyeballing and pointing his finger making click sounds to any poor bastard who happened to be unlucky enough to not be in their house as he passed by.

Crowds of people around the country banded together wearing hoodies to ... I don't exactly what they were trying to accomplish other than make hoodies look less stereotypical.
I reckon for some people hoodies are some sort of fucked up fashion statement, sort of like wearing your underwear down to your knees so your ass can hang out. But a lot of people wear hoodies, why? Because you're cold? You need to keep the winter breeze off your neck? Yeah. Right.
Hoodies, stocking caps, sunglasses, all that shit are for some reason a common denominator in most camera shots I see on teevee where some innocent store clerk or ATM user has been most ungraciously separated from his or her money. Or life.

All this time, Zimmerman said he was the one attacked first and he claimed the shooting was in self defense. But now the truth is starting to come out. The police report has been released and it's looking like Zimmerman was right. Cuts on his head, grass stains on his jacket, and blood running out of his nose.

Fuck you Spike Lee. Fuck you (again) Al Sharpton, and fuck you too (again) Jesse Jackson.
While I'm at it, fuck you media, and fuck all you narrow minded jumping to conclusions assholes who judged, tried and convicted Zimmerman before you got any facts.

Maybe the kid wasn't doing anything wrong enough that he deserved to die, but then maybe he wasn't quite as innocent as you all made him out to be either.