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Friday, January 06, 2012

Rhapsody Can Lick My Fucking Balls

Yes, Rhapsody can lick my fucking balls.

Google finds keywords, so let me repeat this one more time:
Rhapsody can lick my fucking balls.

Why? I signed up for Napster after they got sued and went legit. It was $14 per month to download and listen all the songs I possibly could wanted to download.

Don't leave yet! You haven't yet found out why Rhapsody can lick my fucking balls.

I had upwards of oh, 800 songs downloaded, and another 400 or so copied to my Sansa player that I had ripped from my CDs. So yes, there were plenty of tunes.

Then Rhapsody bought out Napster. Now, Rhapsody can lick my fucking balls.
First off, I installed the piece of shit java based Rhapsody interface. Good gawd. I haven't used such slow piece of shit software in my life! Unresponsive, unintuitive, cumbersome, ignorant piece of shit.

Eventually, I got it to respond and the asshole Rhapsody licensing wouldn't transfer. All the songs I had downloaded to my player would no longer work.
Rhapsody wanted me to reformat my device. Said it was corrupt, and couldn't download the license keys.
I fought with it and fought with it, to no avail. I reformatted it.

Rhapsody can lick my fucking balls.

So after the reformat, piece of shit Rhapsody took it upon itself to start synching my library. It wanted to re-download every song I had previously downloaded, and transfer those to my player. I left it alone overnight thinking that should be plenty of time. Oh, how wrong I was. After a week, it still wasn't done. It had even taken upon itself to download some rap songs from gawd knows where. Anyone that knows me knows I don't do rap. At all.

Rhapsody can lick my fucking balls.

I finally get a lot of my shit working again. I would say, 1/3 of the original songs I had downloaded were back on my player. So then I re-add some of my ripped CD songs, and BEHOLD! Rhapsody says I need to reformat me device because the license is invalid!

Rhapsody can lick my fucking balls.

So to sum things up, don't use Rhapsody.
Their licensing is flaky.
Their interface is a dog slow piece of shit.
You really don't have any control over what it downloads.
Trying to find a song you want to download takes 10-20 steps, instead of the 1 or 2 Napster required.

One last time, Rhapsody can lick my fucking balls.

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