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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holy Shit! Who's This?

Can you believe it? I'm updating again!

I don't even know where I left off last time, but I do know that 'someone' checked in and gave me a "nudge". Hi there. :)

So... I am currently in Houston attending some schoolin'. Using my currently development environment, I am turning into a dinosaur. (For those who know anything about computer languages, think COBOL).
So I am learning some new technologies to send me into the 2000's.

The bad thing about this trip is that I was at our cabin in the mountains last Wednesday through Sunday, then had to shag-ass home Sunday morning to get to the airport on time to get on the plane to Houston that evening. Long day.

But trip to the mountains was good. Had some of my brothers up there to help me get firewood all cut up for the winter, played some cards, did some serious bullshitting, etc. Good time.

Well, time for a lunch break, then back to school.


I thought of some things I should put in here, some thoughts on Houston.
Much different than where I live.
1- The people here are much friendlier. In person and in their cars. In person, they say "Hello". In their cars, they actually let you change lanes when you have your blinker on.

2- If you live here, XM or Sirius radio is a must. I scanned through oh, 20 stations of bible study and mexican music before I found one that was rock.

3- Humid. I am having a bad hair day.

4- They aren't all rednecks. In fact, I've seen very few Bubbas here.

5- Good food. I went to an excellent steak house Monday and a great Tex-Mex place last night. There's a seafood place on the way back to the hotel I may have to try tonight.

Okay, that's enough for now. Like I said, LATER!!!