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Friday, November 05, 2010


The building I work in is "l" shaped. If I go from one end to the other, it is usually easier for me to just cut across the parking lot rather than go through all the secure doors, down all the hallways, and pause at several offices to answer questions.

So while cutting across the parking lot this morning, I noticed several 'interesting' things about my co-workers vehicles:

* Sure, you're happy you're married, and hence you proudly display your wife's garter by hanging it from your rear view mirror. If said garter is big enough to use as a spare tire cover, maybe you should display it somewhere else. Like the dumpster.

* Yes, I understand infants are not predictable, if they have a need to relieve themselves they just do. And I also understand dirty diapers are icky, and aren't usually welcome guests in the front seat with the passengers.
But if you're going to throw your dirty diaper in the back of your truck, don't you think you should also take the time to throw it in the garbage when you get back to the house?

* Dude, your car would probably only net you about $500 on the open market. You wasted money on "The Club".

* Uh, Mister White Car driver, that 'bra' really looks nice against the smashed in bumper and crinkled fenders.

* Really? "Superman" seat covers? What, do they help keep your "Underoos" from riding up while you drive?



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