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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Other News

Yup, I guess it's been long enough that I should put another post up here.

Starting to warm up around these parts. It's been in the mid 80's a few days.
That temp is nice. But it also means that summer is getting near, and well, fuck. I don't think I like the desert near as much as I used to.

Oh well. This is where the home is. This is where the job is. I reckon I'll stick around a spell.



Jean said...

I know exactly what you mean!
Wish it was Spring forever. Or even Fall.

Anonymous said...

One word for you: cabin.

Now stop you bitching and get those logs split!

Rae Rae said...

Not sure we're really getting a spring here. Oh it's WET all right. But we're still wearing our winter coats.

Least it ain't snow, I guess.

Rae Rae said...

Well, wait. It WAS snow Monday.

curmudgeon said...

The jasmine is a lot nice in the spring though. :)

No shit. Been way too long.

Rae Rae,
What is this snow you speak of?