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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Yes, it's been quite a while again, hasn't it?

I am well. Things are going good for Mrs Curmudgeon and I.

I just don't do much in the blog world any more. I do check around now and then but since my workplace monitors web usage, I don't dare use the "social" sites much.

After perusing some of my old friends' links yesterday though, I see a lot has changed.  Some have quit blogging altogether.  Some have changed blog names (some so many times to keep it a secret that I can't keep up anymore).  Some folks have even moved to different cities. 

This old world just keeps on a-turnin'. 



formerly Fred said...

Good to hear you're well.

I don't get monitored at work anymore ('cuz I don't work).

I only blog from 9-2, M-F, and have no readers.

It's an outlet.

Finally learned that I'm too weird, and definitely not political enough for the "blogworld".

Jean said...

Glad you and the missus are well.

Things change but not a one of us is so important to cause even a hiccup in the rotation.

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