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Friday, April 01, 2011

Update Update

Well, that was fun.
Actually, we got back monday, but I've been too lazy to post anything.

A good trip though.
However, I would recommend to anyone that before going to Mickeyland, make sure there are NO FUCKING high school cheerleader championships happening the same time you are there.
I've never seen so many ornery, snotty, obnoxious, ugly, adolescent bitches in one place at the same time. They were like fucking cockroaches coming out of the walls. Every cafe, quickie-mart, store, ... everywhere.

Of course we went other places too. Beaches, tide pools full of critters, Newport, even saw the nuts at Venice beach. Good time.

Side note: I accidentally clicked the wrong button and deleted a whole bunch of your comments. So sorry. I wasn't being mean.

Oh, and Freddie/Rae Rae, I'm expecting an email as to where the fuck you went now.



Formerly Fred said...

We've been there when the cheerleaders were there before. It's just like you said.

But the one time of year I absolutely avoid is "LGBT" time. I even call the big D direct to confirm.

...NUH-uh. We're there so our kid(who deserves as innocent a childhoold as possible, tyvm) can see Mickey et al., not that stuff.

I'd e-mail ya but that's not allowed. So I'm adding the URL this time. :)

Glad you had a good time!

curmudgeon said...

Good gawd. I never thought about a LGBT time!!! I would have to put a gun to my head if I had spent all that money for ticket and got in there to find I was surrounded by that shit.

I figgered you wouldn't email me, but I didn't know what else to suggest you do to let me know where you went, since YOU NEVER LET ME KNOW UNTIL I EFFING BEG!

Rae Rae said...

I did try and let you know: http://wartz-n-all.blogspot.com/

The fact that your surfing habits have changed was a contributing factor this time I think, because I left that post up for like 3 days (but, then, some of those days may have been weekend days).

Know this: I'd never intentionally try and "shake you off".

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, my bad. Oh well.