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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time Flys / Flies

Or is it flies all the time?
Summer brings them by the tons. But at least I don't live close to a feed lot.

Speaking of summer, I took this picture of my dash on the way home from work yesterday.  Fucking heat is being obnoxious.

The good news is that I have On Star in my truck, and the On Star app on my phone. So while I was in the grocery store checkout line today, I used my telephone to start my truck so it would be all nice and cool by the time I got out to it. Cool truck = no melted ice cream! WOOHOO!

Anyway, how's everyone been?
I've still been slacking with the blog. I think of things, then forget them by the time I get here. I reckon they must not be that important.

Funny story though, Mrs Curmudgeon called me at work today to tell me the dogs had caught a rat in the back yard and had chewed its head off. She even sent me pictures. Well, it looks like a rat or maybe a gerbil, but one way or the other I'm guessing it was some kid's pet that escaped their pen and took a wrong turn. We just don't have rats around here.
By the way, "good doggie" to whoever caught it. And if you let me know which of you t was, there's an extra Milkbone in it for you. :)

Well, I guess that's it for today. TTYL!



Anonymous said...

The heat is really killing your milage.

Freddie said...

Dang... 113.

Just as we're getting into our cooler, more perfect fall air.


Jean said...

Technology can be wonderful, especially at 113...yowza!

We're still in the 90s and that still sucks.

Fred said...

Just dropping by to do my weekly "nudge the Mudge" thing . . .