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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Pat On The Back

Homeowner kills invader, the second such case in three days

For the second time in three days a home invasion suspect has been shot and killed by a Las Vegas homeowner.

Police say that about 2 a.m. Saturday two armed suspects broke into a northwest valley home near Durango and Grand Teton drives.

One of the suspects grabbed a 13-year-old boy. The noise alerted his father who grabbed a handgun and waited for the suspects to make their appearance.

Police say the suspect released the boy and walked toward the room where the man was poised with his weapon. The father then jumped out and shot the suspect once in the chest, killing him. The other suspect fled and remains at large.

On Thursday, another homeowner gunned down an intruder after he kicked open the man's door near Rancho and Vegas drives.
Rancho and Vegas. One of the shittiest parts of town.

Anyway, glad to hear this. Another thing the economy has done for us is drastically increase the number of home invasions.
However, there are a few bad guys thinking twice when news like this gets around.