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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Gawd

It seems running your bags through a bomb sniffer/x-ray machine, limiting your 'personals' to a few measly ounces of product, taking your shoes, hat, belt, jacket, etc. off, leaving anything even remotely resembling a knife or tool either at home or the confiscation bin, not being able to get up and take a piss a full hour before landing, or any one of 1984 other rules of the T.S.A. isn't enough to keep us safe in the friendly skies...

I reckon it's inevitable that one day soon, we'll have to go through the full-body scanner in order to get on an airplane. I hear they're a little more revealing than the T.S.A. would have you believe though:

You are now free to ... uh, stay home?


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