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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Good Gawd

Maggots force plane back to gate in Atlanta

Wed Jun 30, 5:15 pm ET

ATLANTA - Maggots falling from an overhead bin from a spoiled container of meat forced a US Airways flight to return to the gate so the bin could be cleaned.
It takes a lot to gross me out.

Mrs Curmudgeon is in the medical field. She can talk about blood, puke, open sores and puss at the dinner table and I can just go on eating supper. But seeing maggots just gags me.

They would probably have had to hold me back from kicking the door open and jumping out of that plane.



TransplantedTexan said...

You should love this then...

curmudgeon said...

There are some sick people in this world.
No reason at all to eat that shit.