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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Star Trek Sequel Starts Filming in January

Source: Hollywood.com
July 20, 2010

Bruce Greenwood, who played Christopher Pike in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, revealed to Hollywood.com that filming on the sequel will start in January.
Yes, I like Star Trek. All the iterations; O.S., T.N.G., Enterprise, Voyager, D.S. Nine, the movies and even the fucking Saturday morning cartoons. On top of that, I even read some of the Star Trek paperbacks!

You got a problem wi' dat?

Anyway, I thought the last movie was excellent. With any luck, the next one will be too. There is very little Sci-fi that entertains me these days. It's all too - I dunno. Wretched? Predictable? Sleep inducing?



Anonymous said...

OS: awesome
TNG: sucked ass
Voyager: sucked ass
DS9: sucked ass
Enterprise: awesome

curmudgeon said...

I may have been so hungry for Star Trek that they all appealed to me. Who knows.