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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


That's entertainment:
Beatles tribute band sues competitor in federal court

By using “Fab 4,” the defendants are “attempting to trade” on the reputation and success of The Fab Four, the lawsuit states. The Fab Four is asking the court to prevent the Fab 4 from using any trademark that sounds like “Fab Four” and is seeking monetary damages.

In other words, The Fab Four doesn’t want The Fab 4 cashing in on The Fab Four’s cashing in on the Beatles.

Because the names are similar, the lawsuit claims, people who are looking for The Fab Four on the Internet wind up going instead to The Fab 4’s website, and the situation is causing confusion among “consumers searching” for The Fab Four’s “entertainment services.”

So it may take a judge to force the two sides to “Come Together.” Maybe they can leave the courthouse singing “We Can Work It Out.”
[my emphasis]
WTF? You're both tribute bands. Neither of you are talented enough to write your own shit, so you try to make a buck copying someone else's shit. Just shut up and sing.


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