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Monday, October 12, 2009

[cough][cough] Bullshit [cough][cough]

Sick Iraq war veteran dies after being given smoker's cancerous lungs in transplant

An Iraq war veteran died after a hospital transplant gave him a pair of cancerous lungs donated by a smoker.

Matthew Millington, 31, a corporal in the Queen's Royal Lancers, had the operation to save him from an incurable lung condition.

But the donated organs - from someone who smoked 30 to 50 roll-up cigarettes a day - gave him cancer.
Uh, right. These doctors pull a set of lungs out of a dude who has been smoking 30 to 50 smokes a day and can't tell they're not fucked up?

Those people are just fucking stupid.

Sure, a light or occasional smoker's lungs may not have been as obvious. But 30 to 50 smokes a day?

First of all, the battery of test that would have - or at least should have - been run would have eliminated those lungs from the running. Not to mention they would have been visibly FUCKING BLACKER than an ordinary set of lungs.

Good ole socialized medicine.


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