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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brain Fart?

NDOT updates its radio traffic reports
After our story about outdated radio traffic reports, the Nevada Department of Transportation has finally updated its highway information radio broadcast.

News 3's Steve Crupi uncovered that drivers tuning into AM 1610 for construction alerts were hearing information that was more than four months outdated.

Wednesday, a new message was recorded, giving drivers an easy hands-free method of checking on lane closures and detours.

The system may be phased out, however, as the state puts more emphasis on digital traffic news delivered over cell phones and the Internet.
Nice. What with all the emphasis on fucking paying attention to driving when you're - well, driving, the department of transportation is going to be sending texts of traffic to phones? And what about reading the updates on the internet? How else are you supposed to get the most current updates in your car?

Stupid Fucks


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