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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fuck You Nevada Voters And The Fucked Up Smoking Ban

I use this particular headline in hopes Google and other search engines will index those words, and place this close to the top of the list. A sort of personal editorial if you will. Since the odds are better of it getting published here than in the local paper.

The back story here is like many other states and cities, Nevada also had a smoking ban on the last ballot.
What it amounted to in its tangled wording was that people would be forbidden from lighting up anywhere around food. This would include the local tavern which has a kitchen, a 7-11 that sells hot dogs, grocery stores, and so on. One of the big selling points was of course, the "For The Children ™ " angle. "Yeah, we bring our kids to the bar to eat supper, and we don't want you smoking around them."

It passed, barely, and so now, if you're a large casino (can you say Special Interest Group?), or a tavern with a separate dining area and separate ventilation system, you're allowed to have smoking in your establishment.

On the other hand, we have people continually bitching about how schools and teachers need more money, but yet the governor keeps squawking about how the state budget needs to be trimmed. And he's looking to trim the education budget for starters. For "The Children ™ "?

Well, tons of money for education and state budget was coming from taxes on tobacco. So in short, you dumbfucks voted your own damn selves a cut in revenue.
Happy now?



Mark said...

Same thing happening here:



curmudgeon said...

It's all the rage!