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Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy 100th Harley

Nice line-up:
Harley is lauded for its marketing genius and for knowing its customers and how much they like the Steppenwolfs, ZZ Tops and George Thorogoods of the world.

Yet it gave them Tim McGraw, a country singer crooning sweet love songs, and Kid Rock, who nobody heard of until he hooked up with Pamela Anderson. The average Harley rider has saddle bags older than this guy.

And, finally, Elton John as the headliner.
Now that is a fucking hoot! They should have maybe tossed in a bit of Pavarotti?
Oh, wait. He's dead.
How about maybe some 'N Sync? Or maybe rustle up some Spice Girls?

Now I've never owned a Harley, so I guess I can't be 100% certain what sort of music I would listen to if I rode one. But I have been associated with enough bikers to know that a good alcohol fueled, knock down drag out concert ain't going to be one led by a fucking hillbilly, a rapper, and a fag.

Nice anniversary gift, yo.


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