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Thursday, November 06, 2008

What A Pile Of Shit

So as you may have noticed, I've been off the air for a few days.

Nothing major, I've been working on a project at my job and the final phase of the project was installing it in another state. So I left town Tuesday morning, did what needed doin', and got back today.

I purposefully DID NOT watch the play by play of the bullshit election coverage on any of the many, ... many, ... many teevee stations, as I figured I would find out soon enough who the victor was. And sure as shit, my worst electoral fears were realized the next morning when I turned the teevee on in in my motel room and the default channel being Communist News Network was already talking about 'Raising A Family in the White House'. Then I knew, well, McCain's kids - they's all growed up, so it obviously wasn't him.
It just it hard to fathom that so many people would vote for the guy. They obviously listen to the commercials or the lefty rhetoric rather than do their own research.

He did get one issue fixed so far though, that of the housing shortage. At least for himself and his family. They'll get their housing free for the next four years.

(You really must click this picture to enlarge it before you can really appreciate it.)

"What's Different"
A couple observations I made while traveling though...
You're probably familiar with the trendy new sweatpants girls wear nowdays. You know, the ones that have something like 'Pink' or 'Diva' printed on the ass? Sure, a girl with a nice little butt having a small word printed on the posterior side of her sweat pants is noteworthy. How do I know this? Well yes, I like to look at those things.
But listen. If your ass is large enough to have "YELLOWSTONE" printed across it with plenty of room left on both sides, you may want to start reconsidering how much of what you shove down your throat throughout the day.

If you take a window seat only to have a place to lean while you take a fucking nap, you're an asshole. I like window seats so I can look at what's down there. If all you do is read a magazine or nap, there had better be could cover thick enough that there is nothing to see down there, otherwise, you're a fuckhead.

If you live in (where I went), you may want to talk to whoever owns the airport and ask them if you can open up a concessions stand of some sort. Doesn't have to be anything major, but at 6:00 in the morning, when it's cold and windy outside, some people consider a steaming hot cup of coffee to be - well, more than nice. Some even consider it a necessity.

Oh, and one more from the "We're Fucked" files:

Sad, sad state of affairs.


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