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Monday, June 01, 2009

Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie And Democrats

GM files for bankruptcy, Chrysler sale cleared

Reuters – 56 mins ago

DETROIT/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - General Motors Corp filed for bankruptcy on Monday, forcing the 100-year-old automaker once seen as a symbol of American economic might and dynamism into a new and uncertain era of government ownership.
Good thing they got all that stimulus money, eh?

I've never bought anything for myself but Chevy trucks, except for one time when I bought a used Dodge truck for a commuter. I hope Government Motors eventually gets their shit together because I know that one of these days, I'm going to have to replace my truck. And I have no intention of buying a fucking rice burner.

Just 21% Favor GM Bailout Plan, 67% Oppose

"Only 21% of voters nationwide support a plan for the government to bail out General Motors as part of a structured bankruptcy plan to keep the troubled auto giant in business.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 67% are opposed to a plan that would provide GM with $50 billion in funding and give the government a 70% ownership interest in the company.

Even when presented with the stark choice between providing government funding or letting GM go out of business, only 32% of voters support the bailout. Most voters (56%) say it would be better to let GM go out of business.

As on many issues, there is a huge gap between the views of the Political Class and the rest of the nation. By a two-to-one margin, the Political Class says it is better to provide the bailout funding than to let GM fail. "
See, that's why we hold elections. We vote into public office, the people we think will best represent us.





Jean said...

'Government Motors'... you made a funny. Kinda ;-)

wv: cringno

curmudgeon said...

Alas, I can't take credit. It's been penned that by several folk I read.

GUYK said...

yeah, buy a government motor truck...pay for it twice...oce with your taxes and again at the dealership...fuck GM and the UAW. I'll buy a rice burner before I will support Chrysler or GM again

curmudgeon said...


What I was thinking but it didn't come out right was that I hope the company is able to free itself of the chains of the government. Years from now, it may be its own company again. Until then, Ford is looking pretty good.

Pique Oil said...

You and I both know that once the tentacles of Govt. are in GM's offices then they will never let go. Even if you manage to chop off a tentacle it grows a new life support system (bureaucracy) and carries on.
Taken to space and de-pressurised is the only known eradication process.

curmudgeon said...

This I know. Chevy is fucked.

I'm a glass half full kind of guy. But ope thing I know is that with the current administration, I'm wasting my time.