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Friday, June 26, 2009


You know what I hate? Not quite as much as the current administration occupying the White house, but - well, indirectly, I guess they're related.
I hate the fucking public utilities.

Power, water, sewer, ... They're all a bunch of self-righteous greedy fucks.

See, here's the deal. We live in a fucking desert. A desert - in case you didn't know, is hot and dry. Not a lot of free-running water. And the sun? It pounds relentlessly and mercilessly during the summer months, to the tune of no less than 95 degrees, all the way to around 120 or more. This according to my thermometer, not the 'official temperature at McCaran Airport'.

The wind is usually blowing a bit, anywhere from a slight breeze to an all out pain in the ass whirlwind-birthing motherfucker, throwing leaves, dirt, dust, sand, Taco Bell wrappers, grocery bags and garbage cans through the air and into the yard. But no matter how mild or strong the wind is, it is never a cool breeze in the summer. Blowing around 100 degree plus air is akin to standing in front of a couple dozen blow dryers all set to high. There is very little humidity, so you sweat, but you don't stay wet.

The water company asks you to conserve water as - to quote one of their public service campaigns - "It's a desert out there."
The power company asks you to set the temperature of your thermostat to 78 or higher, instead of 76, as "Even a couple of degrees makes a difference."

So to that end, I adjust my watering schedule, usage and habits to comply with their wishes and help the rest of us citizens conserve water. I buy programmable thermostats and adjust the temperature of the house to save on the power bill.
And how do I get rewarded? Other than the personal satisfaction that I am doing my part, saving my household money, and saving the planet from all those carbon emissions? [snicker] I get rate increases.

Yes, the companies have budgeted for, and are counting on X dollars for the next fiscal year. Well, us folks conserve power and water and the companies don't get as big of a paycheck from us as they thought they would, so they run to the Public Utilities Commission and ask for rate increases. Our power bill is going up next month - one of the hottest months of the year, and it will continue to go up "gradually" until it reaches the rate increase the power company asked for.
They are asking for these increases so they can build more generating stations. So I ask then, why would they need more money to build more generating stations if we are using less power?

Let me know if you ever figure it out, would ya'?
Buncha cocksuckers.



Anonymous said...

My power company is unregulated.

Rates suddenly doubled last month without any warning.

Yes, it pisses my off "sumpenat" awful.

curmudgeon said...


Hammer said...

Yep people are using less power like they asked up to...now prices are going up because they can't operate on the lower revenues.

what a crock!

curmudgeon said...

Yup. Fat lot of good it does to be conscientious.