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Monday, August 03, 2009

Stupid Shit

Can someone explain to me exactly what the fuck the "Cash For Clunkers" is good for, other than protecting the government's investment in the "Big 3"?

Sure, some cars turned in for this asshole program are worth turning in. However, another very large sized portion turned in are 'clunkers' I wouldn't mind having my damn self. Some of them are some good vehicles. And a 1 to 5 m.p.g. increase in fuel economy definitely ain't no trade-up. Give me a fucking break.

So you have some poor schmuck who's been driving a knocked out, smokey piece of shit with one headlight, spider-webbed windshield, bald tires and three bad gaskets for years because he can't afford to buy anything else. But instead of this poor schmuck getting a possible deal on a decent used car, traded-in 'clunkers' are destroyed, and the only people who benefit from this deal are people who can already afford new cars.

Doesn't make a fucking bit of sense to me, but then it's just another in the long list of non-sensible government deals floating around since January '09.

Yes, I know. It's a bit political, but fuck it. I'll do as I please since I'm the one paying the bill for this thing.


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