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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Slick Willy

U.S. reporters freed from North Korea return home
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Two American journalists freed by North Korea after months of detention returned home to a tearful family reunion on Wednesday accompanied by former President Bill Clinton, who secured their release in a meeting with the reclusive state's leader Kim Jong-il.
So Slick Willy is back in the news. Finished his mission to North Korea to get the reporters out of the clutches of Lil Kim. Makes me wonder what exactly it was he promised the crazy fucker in order to get them freed. Maybe sat down and had a couple beers like they do at the White House when you're dealing with friends, cops and racial tensions?

You know a psychotic asshole like that ain't doing nothing so visible to the world without some sort of concession. And merely meeting with a former U.S. president ain't enough.

Good gawd. Willy's wife should have been the one doing this shit if it was to be done. But Lil Kim didn't want nothing to do with that bitch Hitlary. Can't say as I blame him though.



Anonymous said...

Well, I guess they'll have to give Slick the Nobel Peace Price, like they did Peanut Jimmy.

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure he's banking on one.

Anonymous said...

Over at The Onion there's an article about Lil' Kim's approval rating falling to 120%.

curmudgeon said...