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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ultimate Big Brother

This all sounds very 'Escape From New York'-esque to me:
Saudi 'Killer Chip' Implant Would Track, Eliminate Undesirables

It could be the ultimate in political control — but it won't be patented in Germany.

German media outlets reported last week that a Saudi inventor's application to patent a "killer chip," as the Swiss tabloids put it, had been denied.

The basic model would consist of a tiny GPS transceiver placed in a capsule and inserted under a person's skin, so that authorities could track him easily.

Model B would have an extra function — a dose of cyanide to remotely kill the wearer without muss or fuss if authorities deemed he'd become a public threat.

The inventor said the chip could be used to track terrorists, criminals, fugitives, illegal immigrants, political dissidents, domestic servants and foreigners overstaying their visas.

"The invention will probably be found to violate paragraph two of the German Patent Law — which does not allow inventions that transgress public order or good morals," German Patent and Trademark Office spokeswoman Stephanie Kr├╝ger told the English-language German-news Web site The Local.
Of course, this is a Saudi trying to get a patent in Germany, but it ain't that far of a stretch to think that someone, somewhere is trying to get an American patent too. Probably the same dude.

Anyway, let's carry on here in the groove that someday it will be applied for and it's implementation attempted here in the good ole U.S. of A.
To start with, uh, would you please define undesirable for me? Our socialist Big Brother - what with the Czar of Homeland Security and all - could define undesirable any way they pleased. Anti-administration 'nuts' for starters.

The part that cracks me up though, is the part about 'foreigners overstaying their visas'. Jumpin' Jeebus. Libtard demo-socialists don't want illegals to leave as it is. Track them with a chip? I doubt it.

I wouldn't mind having a few of these chips fr some people I know though. Could be fun. Watch them drop at the push of a button.



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I was totally amazed when I read that. Brits have let the nanny state get clear the fuck out of hand.
If they only had guns...