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Friday, September 18, 2009

Uh, Yeah

U.S. household wealth up for first time since 2007

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. households' net worth rose by $2 trillion to $53.1 trillion in the second quarter, the first increase since before the recession began in 2007, Federal Reserve data showed on Thursday.
I just love the way liberal media puts their spin on a shitty situation.

Net worth up? TAX THE RICH!!!

Unemployment down? Right. Not as many people recently unemployed. They fail to mention the part about how people are still losing jobs instead of jobs getting created, like the stupid fucker in the White House promised he would make happen.

And housing? Average folks still can't buy a house. With all these foreclosures, you would think people looking for a bargain could pick one up. Nope. People put in offers on homes and get outbid by investors.
Investors caused this economic clusterfuck, and they're still fucking things up by outbidding average folks on foreclosures so they can snap them up and sell them later at a premium.

The cure? I dunno. It just pisses me off this shit is still going on and people are still getting lollipops and roses from the news.


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