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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What In Theeeee Hell?

By now, I'm sure eveyone has heard of the recent 'rescue' of the girl who at age 11, was kidnapped 18 years ago:
Bonding with a Captor: Why Jaycee Dugard Didn't Flee

Dugard was recently reunited with her family after being held captive for 18 years. She was apparently kidnapped at a bus stop near her home in South Lake Tahoe, Calif. when she was 11 years old. Since then she has lived in tents behind the house of her captors, Phillip and Nancy Garrido, along with two children born to Dugard and allegedly fathered by Garrido.
She's all growed up now with two kids of her own, knocked up by her kidnapper.

Bubble headed bleached blonde news reporters are referring to her time in captivity as "18 years of terror", but I doubt it. I reckon Stockholm Syndrome has been recognized as the reason she never tried to leave in all that time.
She was camped out in the back yard of the dude's house, and from the pictures I saw the place wasn't a fortress by any stretch of the imagination. No, had she wanted to get away, there would have been a way. She must have chosen to stay there for what every crazy-assed reason was floating around in her head.

Now we all know the dude who kidnapped here is a fucking nut, a sociopath. He's a sexual predator and a child rapist. He needs to be strung up and beat to death with a garden hose.

But what about his wife? What sort of crazy bitch is she that she would allow him to do this sort of shit? She didn't mind him kidnapping an 11 year old girl? She didn't mind him fucking her? Especially at the age of fourteen or earlier? What the fuck is the matter with this woman!

She needs to be strung up and beat to death alongside her husband. Good gawd-a-mighty.



Pique Oil said...

She will come out with some battered woman excuse and expect symapthy. Apologists will fawn all over her and want the state to help her adjust into "normal" life.
So lets assume she was under some form of duress. You are being a tad harsh wanting her beaten to death with a garden hose. Perhaps something less severe, that way she will have longer to ponder what her cowardice did to the girl.
And what to do with the head cop who said "that was not an acceptable outcome" when asked why his deputies hadn't dug a little when they were asked to check it out.
Also the parole people who said
"Our agency feels our agent acted appropriately in every step"

Would a bullwhip be more "appropriate" for these failures?
It should be quite a whopping party, are you selling tickets?

curmudgeon said...

A couple good points. There were a few thing overlooked by several different people. Some of them would rather just ignore shit than deal with it.

Bullwhip sounds good though. I wonder how long the book deal or movie will take to come out?