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Monday, March 01, 2010

Bubble-Headed Bleached Blondes

So has anyone heard there was an earthquake somewhere over the weekend?
I did. And I heard about the ensuing tsunami.

I heard there was quite the shaker in Chile. But they have evidently built their buildings just a little better than the folks of Haiti, so they didn't have the damage Haiti did. Not to mention, the epicenter wasn't right in the heart of a major population, but off the coast. Therefore, it caused a tsunami.

So about this tsunami that followed, I could have puked on the fucking teevee.
I switched it over to the news while I was relaxing after lunch, as Mrs C was talking to someone on the phone and this person mentioned we should turn on the news because there was a tsunami headed for Hawaii.
The reporters were just sickening. They were just giddy at the thought of a big wave crashing ashore. They were getting themselves so worked up and feeding on their hysteria so much that for a moment there, I thought either someone's eyes were just going to pop out of their head, or they were going to run of the set calling for mommy.
I'm sure they were sorely disappointed when it turned out to be basically, a non-event, at least for Hawaii.

But at least they got to start talking about the mudslide in California shortly after that. Alas, no one died so it wasn't really that newsworthy.

I would have been better off watching Tom and Jerry.



Freddie said...

Tom and Jerry...

Yep. Now THAT was quality entertainment.

"Is you is, or is you ain't my beh-beh..."

curmudgeon said...

Right up there with Bugs Bunny/Road Runner. :)