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Thursday, March 25, 2010



On Thursday night, March 25, many people may look up at the sky and ask the question, "What's that bright star next to the moon?"
Go on. Drag your ass away from the teevee, and go take a look.
Now, it won't be the size of a basketball or anywhere as big as the moon, but think about it. You're looking at another planet in our solar system that is millions of miles away! Without a telescope!

Well, I think it's cool.



Anonymous said...

OK but what time?

curmudgeon said...

After dark before say, 1 a.m.
Also look for Venus and Mercury on the western horizon just after dark.

Pique Oil said...

Go to www.heavens-above.com create a login and then customise for your location. You will then have a map of the night sky for any time you wish. It is also great for looking up the next pass of the ISS and other satellites.
Mars is just to the east of Gemini here in the outback of West Australia. The low humidity and lack of people make star gazing very enjoyable.

curmudgeon said...

I've had an account there pushing 10 years now. ;)
But I am envious of your night sky compared to my 'Neon Jungle' here.