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Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Go Dude!

Homeowner charged in shooting of 2 men leaving in car

North Las Vegas Police have arrested a man accused of firing at two men outside his home leaving in a vehicle Sunday morning in North Las Vegas, critically injuring both of them.

Both men were struck by gunfire before crashing into the brick wall less than a block away, police said.

Officers found one shooting victim inside the vehicle. The second man, who also had been shot, was laying near the collision. Both men were taken to University Medical Center's trauma unit in critical condition, police said.
Yeah, I know. You ain't supposed to shoot someone when your life isn't in immediate danger. But they were trying to steal his truck and he was protecting his property. So fuck the law on this one. I'm glad he did what he did. Maybe other bad guys will think twice before trying to steal other people's shit.



Miss Sassy said...

I'm watching a movie where Sally Fields is learning to shoot to defend her family, recalling the day I went out to my car and it was missing a wheel, thinkin this guy has got it about right!!

curmudgeon said...