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Monday, March 29, 2010

That's Gotta Suck

Back in January, I posted about the newest employee of the brothel known as the Shady Lady. Well, sorry Princess, you're outta luck:
Markus, Nevada's first ever legal "prosti-dude", has packed up his peen and quit the ho business after only 2 months on the stroll. Markus started leasing his dick to lady customers at the Shady Lady Ranch back in January, but only 10 women got to leave a wad of cash on his nightstand. And 9 of those "women" were really male politicians trying to put one past Markus by dressing up in drag. I made that up (but it's probably true).
He's going back to making pron movies because there ain't enough wimmen who want to pay to get laid. Talk about a kick in the nuts to your ego. BWAHAHAHAH!!!!

I just can't help but laugh.



Jean said...

Cold day in hell when I paid for that, either.


curmudgeon said...

Can't blame you a bit there.

Anonymous said...

Looks live Herman Munster's lost son.

curmudgeon said...

Or he hasn't quite recovered from that fight.

Anonymous said...

You could do your taxes on his forehead fer chytt's sake.

curmudgeon said...

Or is it a five-head?

Anonymous said...

I feel a photoshop in my future...

curmudgeon said...

That sounds like a good idea.
At the very least, a demotivator.