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Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Okay, it's that time of year again. March Madness.

Come on, be a sport and join me in the contest.
Here, for your convenience, is a copy of the brackets for you to fill out.
Click on it to enlarge, then fill out your choices.


These brackets are way more important than some stupid basketball game.



Cactus Mark said...

I'll take fruit cake all the way!

curmudgeon said...

Tough constitution you got there.

I'm taking banana creme pie.

Miss Sassy said...

Did I tell you I gave up dessert for lent? This is torture!!! I'm MUCH more interested in your bracket tho - I had a vision of german chocolate the other night, I'm taking it as a prophecy for the win =)

curmudgeon said...

Bah. Lent. Unjustified self torture.
People do the lent thing then consume or perform the sacrifice twice as much when it's over.