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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Brew Update

Aahhh.... Copper Snail. One of my favorite recipes.
Sunday I brewed a batch of beer I dubbed "Copper Snail". It is a pale ale, from a slight variation of a "Snail Trail Pale Ale" recipe I found on Cat's Meow a few years ago. Differences are unimportant, I would have to go and find the original recipe, but suffice it to say this is one of the best homebrew recipes I have made, and it has pleased many a patron of Dave's Bar & Garage.
So I brewed it sunday, it has been percing quite nicely in the primary fermentor since monday. It should be ready to sample about St. Paddy's day, unless I once again get impatient.
Anyway, here is the recipe if you care:

Diamond Dave's Copper Snail
All grain.

9# Pale malt
2# honey

3/4# Crystal 60L
1/2# Carapils
Pinch Irish Moss

Boiling hops:
1-1/2 oz. Kent Goldings

Finish hops:
1-1/2 oz. Kent Goldings

White Labs WLP001- California Ale Yeast

Combine and mash grains 1hr at ~160* F
(Didn't boil this one either. Kept it around 160* F)
Sparge, add boiling hops, and bring temp back up to around 160-165* F
Set timer for 1 hour
Add honey after 45 minutes
Add finish hops after 55 minutes
Add pinch of Irish Moss last three minutes
Strain and chill to <80* before adding yeast.

This has been a very successful brew.
Copper color, slight hoppiness and very smooth taste.
Yield: 5 g.


~kimberly~ said...

so, you dont happen to have the recipe for Godiva do you? ;)

bullish1974 said...

sounds yum. looks difficult to do, though. but that's not the point.

curmudgeon said...

Hmm. I'll work on it. Maybe I could spam the world with a Godiva clone instead of fake Rolexes or prescriptions. Then I could buy my own little island and sip Copper Snail all day.

Not really. The way I brew (bullshitting with the buddies, blues on the XM, occasionally stirring he pot and checking the temp), it's an afternoon (about 3 hours worth) of relaxation and entertainment.
I'm not as finicky or precise as the 'purists', and my brew always turns out quite tasty, so no stress.

Anonymous said...

I ain't got no Cal-lee-for-nee-ah ale yeast, damn it. My Dave's
Garage and Brewery yeast holder is full. I'm either going with
a generic dry that I have left over from Austin *or* Belgian Ale

curmudgeon said...

Hmm. Methinks the Belgium.