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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Live From New York

"Anyone is better than Bush" - "Bush = Hiter" - "It's all about the oil" - "I broke a nail"
Poll: 6 in 10 Ready for U.S. Woman Leader:

"The poll, conducted by the Siena College Research Institute and sponsored by Hearst Newspapers, also found that 81 percent of people surveyed would vote for a woman for president and 53 percent think New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton should try for the job."
[emphasis mine]
A poll in New York, sponsored by a newspaper. Yup - that's impartial.
What sort of morons did they call? Well, we know what sort, it says it in the article. But nevertheless, these people abviously don't have a clue.
Again I state that I have nothing against women. I love women. They're all soft and warm, and they smell good too.
But for president of the United States? Naw. Hildebeast Clinton? Get real. The only qualifications she has is that she rode the coattails of a former president who's agenda totally differed from the voters who put him there.
I would rather see Condoleezza Rice that Hildegard, but I would rather not see either.

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