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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Queer Beer - Redux

As an update to this post, it seems another version of queer beer has come out. The original one named "Q" Brew, came out in San Francisco, but died young. However, this one is proudly named "Queer Beer", not Q Brew.
Butt, whatever. One way or another, it's a beer specifically marketed for queers.

You can swallow the whole story here:
Queer Beer launched for gays

"A trio of Swiss businessmen have launched a new drink for gay people called Queer Beer."
I'll just reiterate my thoughts or visions from my original post from a few days ago:
  • Take one and rub the bottle a few times. Does the cap pop off?
  • "Serving suggestion: Shake it a couple times to get a good head on it, then suck it off."
  • Surgeon General's Warning: "Use of a condom over bottle opening is recommended when drinking from this bottle."
  • Probably tastes salty.
  • The green one has asparagus flavoring added.

A couple more:
  • It only comes in cans.
  • Go back a read that line again. And think about it.
  • "Bottoms up!"
  • It's the 'queen' of beers
  • The bottle necks are shaped like a dick

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