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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

From The 'Get A Life' Department

The Register-Herald--Dishing it out:

Man beams 5,000 radio, TV channels with a dozen satellite receivers
By Amelia A. Pridemore
Register-Herald Reporter

Are 20 movie channels on demand just not enough?

Do constant reruns of “I Love the ’80s” on VH1 have you ready to gouge out your eyeballs?

Then come to Al Jessup’s house — where his 5,000-plus radio and television stations from around the world beamed in by his 12 satellite dishes are bound to keep you entertained somehow.
Jeebus. If you're that hard up for entertainment, you need to be shot.
Go buy a guitar. Maybe a deck of cards. Or even a computer and hook it up to Gore's internet.
Try something a little different.


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