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Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving Week Post #1

This apparently, is the time of year when bloggers start posting all the things they are thankful for. Not to be left out, I will offer up my Thanksgiving post, and if I think of more things I can add to the list throughout the week, I'll just go ahead and toss up another post. Sound good? I thought so

So let's get started then:
  • I'm thankful I have a daytime job so I don't have to watch shitty daytime teevee shows like Jerry Spinger, Judge ____________, Let's Concentrate And Spin A Deal Of Fortune, and ugh - any soap opera.
  • I'm thankful I learned how to brew my own beer.
  • I'm thankful I don't personally know any of those narrow-minded, looney, extreme left morons. Reading any of their blogs is as dirty as I ever want my hands to be.
  • I'm thankful I'm not one of them.
  • I'm thankful the price of gas has gone down, now that summer vacation driving season is done.
Okay. That's enough for now. More as I think of them.

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