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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This Day in History

From historychannel.com:

The Hughes Flying Boat--the largest aircraft ever built--is piloted by designer Howard Hughes on its first and only flight. Built with laminated birch and spruce, the massive wooden aircraft had a wingspan longer than a football field and was designed to carry more than 700 men to battle.
Like that thing would ever reach a decent altitude. What a nut he turned out to be.
But he (his corporating) is still making bazillions of dollars from all the land he bought in Las Vegas.
1948 Dewey defeats Truman ... not.

In the greatest upset in presidential election history, Democratic incumbent Harry S. Truman defeats his Republican challenger, Governor Thomas E. Dewey of New York, by just over two million popular votes. In the days preceding the vote, political analysts and polls were so behind Dewey that on election night, long before all the votes were counted, the Chicago Tribune published an early edition with the banner headline "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN."
One of the most famous debacles of all time.

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