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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And So It Begins...

Colorado Town Wants To Ban Red And Green Lights*

The town of Fort Collins, Colorado, and its Holiday Display Task Force are in the process of making their Christmas decorations more politically correct.

The task force plans to recommend that the city displays only include white lights, winter symbols that aren't linked with any particular holiday and other non-secular items.

Additionally, Christmas trees will no longer be permitted to be put up outside of public buildings or on public property. The city plans on voting on the recommendations on November 20th.
Well, fuck all of you lefty fucking 'please everyone all the time' fucking P.C. fucks.

First it was nativity scenes, and now they must be as ambiguous as possible. In other words, include every religious symbol you can think of, but make sure there is nothing that could possibly be construed as a Christian symbol.

Fucking assholes. FUCK! [kack] [spit] This is getting too fucking fucked up.
Show me a gawddamn hippie. I want to fucking kick something.

* Actual/full story.



Anonymous said...

This seems about right. Goddamn hippies won't be happy until they take everything enjoyable away from us. If they make one move to try to stop any St. Patrick's day celebrations, they are gonna have one angry gun-toting mick on their hands.

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure that ain't too far down the road.

Deb said...

I'm in Savannah. Even saying what you guys just said about St. Patrick's Day is considered BLASPHEMY around here.

SK said...

I'll meet you in Olympia, WA. Some MAJOR ass kicking needs to commence up there.

curmudgeon said...

Just wait. You'll see. The p.c. crowd is going to fuck up all celebrations.