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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From The "Fuck You" Files

What a 'race card' playing asshole:
Miss. college student missing for a week
JACKSON, Miss. - A college student has been missing for a week, and this city's police chief says her race is the reason her disappearance hasn't gotten more attention.
Okay, so we have a college student who turns up missing, and the police chief says he needs attention. Why? Are they not doing everything they can? Do they need the news to automatically jump on the story or should they alert the media themselves? Will the news get more of their own local law enforcement officials involved? Are their departments slacking such that the only way to find the girl is to broadcast the story nationwide?

Oh, wait:
Luther Samuel, a detective with the campus police, said investigators have combed the campus and have been searching all over the state, but no sightings of Norman have been reported.

Police say they have no suspects. Among the people they have questioned are her current boyfriend and an ex-boyfriend who was charged Thursday with hitting Norman last month.
Gee. Looks like maybe the cops are on the ball somewhat.

Oh, and:
"We're not going to stop until we know something. We're going to be relentless," said her father, Danny Bolden. "I'll ask that God may touch whoever ... may have done this, that they may come forward and bring Tasha back to us because we love her very much."
Yup. So then what the fuck do you want there chief? The National Guard to help you out? Interpol? The U.N.?

Seems like I read this story on ... wait for it ... a news site! The story came from the Associated Press. That's like, a national news agency, right?

Fucking moron.


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