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Thursday, January 03, 2008

How To Win The Black Vote

NJ lawmakers consider slavery apology
AP - Wed Jan 2, 3:35 PM ET

TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey could become the first Northern state to apologize for slavery under a measure due for a legislative committee hearing this week.
Obviously, that's all he's trying to do.

Look. Slavery was and still is, wrong. No two ways about it. But to apologize for it now is total bullshit. Reparations are nothing more than a scam by people nowdays trying to bilk money from politicians.

I know, while we're at it, Sorry King George. We killed some British soldiers and dumped a bunch of tea in the ocean a couple hundred years ago trying to get settled over here. I do apologize for wasting all that tea. I hate the shit but I know that a lot of people dig it. Oh, and to the families of the soldiers, I'm sorry. I really am.

And hey, you folks down there in Mexico, sorry about that Alamo thing. I know you kicked our asses there but I'm sorry some of you had to die. Totally. Especially after Sam Houston got his guys together and kicked your asses. Again, I apologize. We should never have tried to take Texas away from you folks. Woops. Our bad.

You nice people over there in Japan during Dubya Dubya Two - sorry about those atomic bombings. I mean, even though you started it, I guess we didn't really have to go over there and knock the fuck out of your country. But hey. We did get you all rebuilt and shit, no? Look at you now. Cars, teevees, computers, cell phones, all those cool gadgets. Looks like things turned around pretty good. So I'm sorry so many of you had to die before we ended up spending all that money getting you all rebuilt and shit.

And you folks there in Vietnam - sorry about that little scuffle over there where we killed a bunch of you people. Never mind that you killed nearly 60,000 Americans and wounded over 300,000. That's beside the point. I apologize for us ever going over there and disrupting your quiet little lives. Seriously. No, really!

Oh, and last but not least, you nice folks over in Iraq, hah. Fuck you. You deserve everything you're getting. Based on your ancient beliefs and religion, you're too stupid to live.



Anonymous said...

Just wait til the Federal Government agrees to pay "reparations" for slavery. That's coming, as sure as hell.

curmudgeon said...

A sad day.

Anonymous said...

What about the Christians being fed to lions? The builders of the pyramids? Where does it end?

My feeling on the subject matter, since you asked is this: If you can prove that you personally were a owned as a slave prior to the Emancipation Proclaimation, then you are entitled to reparations.

The Stormin Mormon said...

We pay reparations and I STOP paying taxes...

I'd probably secede from the union...

Which is almost funny. A second secession resulting in part from the differences between to sides on the issue of dealing with slavery.

We live in a world of very real problems and this is the bullshit that they feel the need to waste their time on. They should be ashamed.

Jim - PRS said...

"Shame" is a concept completely foreign to New Jersey politicians.

William Payne and his U.S. Congressman brother are a complete waste of space.

curmudgeon said...

Exactly. People nowdays are not responsible for prior generations actions.

Now that would be a hoot!

Why stop at just N.J. politicians? Shame is completely foreign to most - if not all politicians.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I already spent all my money on carbon offsets and have nothing left to buy negro offsets.

My bad.

curmudgeon said...