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Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Oil From Food

Corn farmers' hopes are dashed by the flood

By DAVID PITT, Associated Press Writer Wed Jun 25, 1:32 PM ET

DES MOINES, Iowa - This year's corn crop was Bill Talsma's lottery ticket — a potentially record-setting haul worth millions.

Then came the flood.

The raging rivers and streams destroyed nearly a quarter of the crop Talsma and his brother were growing on about 75 percent of their 9,000 acres in Iowa, and drenching rains damaged the rest. Had all his corn come in, Talsma could have seen a profit of as much as $6 million.
Fucking greedy bastards. That's just what we need. We start making ethanol out of corn and instead of oil barons, we will now have corn barons.

But wait! What if mother nature deals them a bad hand?
Oil can be pumped from the ground in all sorts of weather. But one (or more even) bad growing season and we're fucked. No ethanol from those crops. Then what? Phone Saudi and beg for alms?

Our dependence on ethanol is going to cost us!



Jinglebob said...

Sorry, but they are not fucking greedy bastards. they are just providing a crop, just as they have for many years, of which is worth a lot more now, because of fucking greedy bastards and idiot politicians in Washington. Don't cuss a farmer with food in your mouth!

No, I am not a farmer. I am a rancher and know quite a few farmers who are doing the same thing now as they did for years. Trying to raise a crop that they have no control over the price of that they raise. Check into this shit before you run your mouth, okay?

curmudgeon said...

Lighten the fuck up you ornery shit! I was being sarcastic, as is the norm for me on my blog!

I was raised in farm/ranch country, and my family tree consists of nothing but farmers and ranchers several limbs back. I know the drill and the life.

[cough] [choke] Damn! I think a corn kernel went down the wrong pipe.

curmudgeon said...

Oh, and by the way, thanks for stopping by. Now go read some more and see if you can't find a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of the big farmers have crop insurance anyway.

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure.

Jinglebob said...

As Mrs. Lettiler used to say on SNL, "Nevermind...."

Yeah I have read some more, that is why you blog is now on my favorites list!

And yes, farmers have insurance. Much like most people do on their homes. Still sucks to lose a home and they never have enough insurance either.......

Don't get me wrong, where I live, there are not many farmers. There are farmers who call themselves ranchers, but if your not in this lifestyle you wouldn't understand....

curmudgeon said...

Well, I'm glad you came back.
I appreciate the return visit and the addition to the favorites. :)

But yes. It would be hard to deal with the flakiness of the weather on a regular basis. I'm glad I'm not in that situation.