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Thursday, December 31, 2009


So here we are, New Year's eve, on the brink of yet another new year, and even another decade. This fucked up year of our Lord 2009, is almost over.

Tomorrow will be a whole new year. But just like always, you throw a drop cloth over the toilet to paint the bathroom, and after you're all done painting you uncover the toilet only to find that it still needs to be cleaned.
Shit doesn't just go away with the New Year celebration, no matter how much whoopin' and hollerin' and drinkin' and noisemakers and funny glasses and pointy hats and fireworks and kisses and aulde lang syne goes on the night before. Nothing changes on its own. It's another day. After the hangover fog clears, what was there yesterday is still there on January 1st.

Sure, there is renewed outlook and that deep breath of optimism, along with half the country hung over and a higher percentage of the population in jail.
The resolutions, the diets, the nicotine withdrawals, the new gym memberships, the first baby of 2010 born at 12:02 Eastern Standard Time, the new date on the checks; that can all start once again. The world can keep on a-turnin'.

So Happy New Year, best wishes, all that shit.



Anonymous said...

Well, aren't we just a depressing fuck today?

curmudgeon said...

I started out writing an all optimistic, happy happy joy joy, looking ahead to 2010 post. But the more I tried to reflect, the shittier my attitude got.
There wasn't much of anything good that came out of 2009, and I really don't see anything monumental to look forward to in 2010 except more of the same shit what's been going on for the last year.

Anonymous said...

We need to find a way to live vicariously though someone else. Not sure who though.

curmudgeon said...

Let me know when you get that one figgered out.

Anonymous said...

I posted a pick-me-up for you.