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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


This is a hoot:
Tiger Woods: waitress claims affair and says she has text messages to prove it
Bill Sharpe, the neighbours' lawyer, said Woods's injuries were "consistent with a car wreck and inconsistent with him being beat up".
Yeah, right. I guess a steering wheel could leave a similar mark as a 4-iron to the face.
They way I see it he's fucking around on his wife - like every other celebrity in this country - and gets caught. They're having words and she chases him out of the house in a huff with his favorite Ping. He can't drive anything but a golf ball, so he ends up parking the Buick under a tree after busting through the fireplug.

But whatever. I really don't give a shit any more about it than I do about the moronic attention whores who got a free dinner sneaking into the White House. Which, too bad they weren't carrying at the time. They could have solved a lot of the nation's problems.

In other news, the nut who killed all those people at Fort Hood is going to get a psyche evaluation. They're going to determine if he's crazy or not. Uh, just ask anyone on base. They'll give the answer. Save us all a bunch time and money.

Well, that's enough for now.


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