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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good Gawd. What Would Be Worse - Sheehan Or Feinstein?

I expressed my opinion on Cindy Sheehan in this post back some time ago.

And last week, I mentioned that every time I think she can't get any loonier, she proves me wrong.

Well, she did it. She proved me wrong. Again.

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The only thing crazier, is the people who want it to happen:
I'll add lots of links so maybe those losers will come see my opinion of that worthless fucking bitch.

"I support the Sheehan for senate.
Praise Allah.
The evil Bush to bring home infidels.
Allah akbar."

Sassy: I feel so very, very sorry for you!!!!


Miss Sassy said...

This loon thinks that because she got a bunch of stay at home moms and out of work homos to come sit with her after her son died IN WAR THAT HE WASN'T DRAFTED INTO that now she is qualified to be part of our government??????
You just made my headache worse.
Is this why you feel sorry for me???? Because you knew that even while trying to keep my nose out of all the political drama that even THIS would enrage me to the point of having to comment on what a useless peice of grief stricken woman can do with a bullhorn in an armagedon world??

Or are you thinking something else? =)

curmudgeon said...

Nope. I was thinking - feeling sory, that you had to put up with that sort of shit in your state.

That stupid bitch just needs to do herself and everyone else a favor, and put a gun to her empty head.

The scary part is that there are really morons out there who can't see through the loony-ness and support her.