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Monday, January 30, 2006

Re: Anonymous Chickenshit Fuckwad Stern Fan

This is too good to just reply to in the comments.

In my previous post about Howard Stern, some sperm-burping troll, you know the kind - like the stray dog who wanders around the neighborhood, shits on your lawn and leaves - showed their true mentality and called me names, then left.
I'm hurt:
You obviously don't know what you're talking about, and it's even more obvious that you don't listen to the show.
Well, you're absolutely right there. I don't listen to the show. On purpose. It's stupid, adolescent, moronic, childish, just like Stern himself.
I only listen to it when I am somewhere where it is already being listened to by some piss-ant with a teenage mentality, and I don't have the option of shutting the shit off. But I have heard enough of it to know what the fuck it's all about.
And it's about all the sort of shit we used to do when I was in junior high in the locker room after gym/p.e. class. See how funny we can be with the other boys and try to be the funniest or grossest. Show off alittle.
The only difference is we didn't get paid for it.
Get your facts straight before you spew the bullshit that you pawn off as the truth.
I have the facts straight. I read the article. Did you?
It's people like you that are the most ignorant and intolerant of free speech and our other freedoms. Mind your own business and get a life...
Intolerant of free speech? What the fuck you talkin' 'bout there idiot? You obviously haven't read much of this blog, or you would know I'm all supportive of the rights we have, and don't want to see any of taken away or limited.
As for having a life, you obviously don't have one or you would climb out of your parents' basement once in a while, and do something with your life besides listening to mundane shit which entertains the pre-teen set. Jeezus kryst you're a stupid fuck.

Anyway, to the rest of the crowd who doen't like to grab handfuls of shit and smear it on their face, pants and bedroom walls, I'll continue.
Like I said in the comments, the reason I posted the post was because of the irony. It's fucking hilarious! Stern bitches left and right about the FCC and censorship. I wonder how fast Sirius would drop his ass if he worked as hard to slam them?
There's always hope. But so far, to steal a quote I heard the other day, "He's like a turd that won't flush." Sort of like idiot anonymous blog commentors.

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