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Friday, April 21, 2006

Another Worthless Union

NYC Doormen Reach Deal, Avoid Walkout - Yahoo! News:

By PAT MILTON, Associated Press Writer Fri Apr 21, 2:14 AM ET

NEW YORK - The city's doormen reached a tentative agreement with building owners early Friday, avoiding a walkout that could have forced tens of thousands of apartment dwellers to take out their own trash and carry their own groceries.

Health care and wages had been two major issues in the negotiations, which were extended beyond a 12:01 a.m. Friday deadline.

Under the four-year deal, which must be ratified by union members, the doormen will get a wage increase of 2.06 percent a year. They now earn about $37,300 a year. The workers also will not have to make health care premium contributions, union bosses said.
Wait a minute. You tellin' me that's a union job? Good lord.
Someone's making money off tis and it ain't the doormen.

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