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Monday, April 03, 2006


Fed up of being women, five Saudis change sex:

Mon Apr 3, 8:31 AM ET

RIYADH (Reuters) - Five Saudi women have undergone sex change operations because they developed a psychologic complex in the male-dominated Muslim society, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Al Watan newspaper quoted psychology expert Mohamed Abdelmawjoud as saying the operations took place over a year's period. Authorities did not bother any of them, according to the report.

An interior ministry official told the paper such cases are examined by religious authorities, and sometimes by psychologists, but never get arrested.

But a senior cleric said authorities have to fill a legal vacuum by issuing laws against sex change operations.

Saudi Arabia adopts an austere form of Islam, which requires women to cover up in public and bans them from driving or going out unaccompanied by a male relative.
You mean to tell me that some women over there don't like living that opressed lifestyle? That some may prefer a little independence and freedom from Allah's ways?

I'm shocked! SHOCKED I tell you!

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