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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Speaking Of Statistics

The Iraq war: "It's all about the oooooooiiiiiiiiilllllll!!!!!!"

Quick question: What country provides the single largest volume of the US's oil imports, Iraq? Saudi? Iran? Someone else?

Click and drag between the lines to see the answer:

Our primary source of oil imports is Canada (16.9% of all imports), followed by Saudi Arabia (14.5%), Mexico (13.4%), and Venezuela (11.3%). The amounts do vary, but Canada has been number 1 for some time.


Stats found here.

Iraq is a ways down the list with 3.9% in 2002 and 5% in 2005, with Iran at 0%.

Now is when it gets confusing. That same country is where our largest volume of exports go, with the U.S.'s third largest import supplier being our second largest export destination.
Got that?


As always... Rachael said...

And Iraq is poised for profit potential... seeing as how it's such an untapped market. Got that?

curmudgeon said...

Uh, yeah. Sure.
Like it has been for so many years.

Miss Sassy said...

So your saying we deal with people we aren't bombing the bejinkus out of more than the yanktards we can't understand the morals of??
Somehow I don't feel so bad all of a sudden.
And I really want to go there now.

curmudgeon said...

Yanktards. Bwah!

I like that.

Patty said...

Shhhhheeeeeeshhh If this gets spread around some dolt will wanta take over Canada LOL
Actually I had never heard or read that. Thanks